Silver Baritone


Traveling Silver Baritone

To fulfill our goal of developing goodwill and fellowship between college bands, Alpha Omicron presented a plan to the 1959 National Convention. We offered a new silver-plated baritone, donated by longtime Alpha Omicron and Goin’ Band supporter Earl Ray, as a medium of exchange. It was called The Traveling Baritone. The chapter possessing it would take it when visiting another chapter. Points were to be given for distance traveled, and the chapter receiving it had to pass it on within two weeks. The chapter possessing it at the next National Convention was to purchase and to present a trophy to the chapter with the most points.

The idea was easily accepted, and the baritone was given to the University of Maryland at the convention. The baritone was misplaced several years later, but reappeared in 1977 at UCLA. It was then given to Texas Lutheran College. Its exact current whereabouts are unknown, although there are rumors circulating that it currently resides in a Chili’s Restaurant somewhere in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.